We’ve got news! Open Previews starting this Wednesday

Here’s the skinny:

  • Starting September 26, tickets will no longer be necessary for our special previews! You can just walk on in.

  • We’ve added a third preview day: Friday fundays! Now you can join us on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11:30am to 2:00 pm. Extra preview day = Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

  • We’ve gotten faster. Practice makes perfect.

  • You can hold the pickles and onions or add cheese now. Basic customization has been unlocked.

  • Two new burgers to choose from: the straightforward KISS and the punched-up Recreator.

  • We’ve discovered some unique insights into flavor preferences.

We’re excited to share the best $6 dollar burger with you

Now you don’t need a ticket to try the best $6 burger, carefully crafted by a contraption that is as conscious of quality as it is in precision, which allows us to spend more on the cost of ingredients at our price point. Counter-intuitively, it’s a more  human centric dining experience and it’s available Wednesdays through Fridays from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. Bloomberg said you could call it the freshest burger on earth. So we do: #freshestburgerever. 😉

What we’re learning in developing this experience

We launched our ticketed previews this summer with a selection of four uniquely flavored burgers and learned a ton. Many of our guests go for Chef Nick Balla’s Dad Burger with its surprising blend of Hungarian smoked paprika and sunflower seed tahini sauce. It’s a flavor combination that’s never been tasted on a burger before. Chef Tu’s Tumami Burger relentlessly delivers crazy umami savoriness with a smoked oyster aioli and an earthy mushroom sauce. The Creator vs. the World is our take on the California classic with a savory sweet combination of eastern and western flavors like umeboshi fermented plum and ingredients from mole. The Aficionado burger with charred onion jam, BBQ sauce, mustard and smoked salt delivers that smokey flavor profile. Some people love burgers that are elegant and simple. Others enjoy that maxed out experience; the more toppings the better. It’s all good. In fact, it’s all great! Whatever your preference, we don’t judge. It is 2018 after all.

Inspiration struck so we added two more burger archetypes to the menu:

Building on the tangy brightness of the Creator vs. the World, we’re layering on some smoke and spice to intensify the flavors. In addition to the classic’s Pacific Sauce, we’re adding smoked cheddar, habanero sea salt and alderwood smoked salt. It’s just crushable.

Keep it simple… sweety!
The ultimate simple burger: an exaltation of chuck, brisket, and brioche, ground to order. Taste the purity of our beef, a burger made from just brisket and chuck instead of trim from hundreds of different animals. It’s as pure as a burger can get, topped with Heinz ketchup.

As we learn more about what we all like to eat, so do our marvelous machines. We’re always improving them to make better food, faster, and are just scratching the surface of how much food can be improved. Have you ever considered which side of the bun an aioli should go on versus a spicy or tangy sauce? We have. Through our experimentation, we have tried hundreds of combinations and have a pretty strong opinion on sauce placement. Our research found that aiolis are best if biased towards the bottom bun because they’re a bit more about mouthfeel. Meanwhile, spicy flavors go best on the top of the burger stack because there’s a big smell component to them. Have you ever tried a burger in which the meat is vertically aligned? We use this technique to create the most tender patty possible. Grinding meat to order and aligning it to the bite has worked wonderfully as has griddling with precision. We spent years designing our cooking sensing algorithms to prepare consistently safe and juicy patties. No guessing here. Only science. We’ve solved many difficult technical problems and we’re excited to solve even more in the future.

Creators who make this happen

We’re a group of fry cooks, mechatronic engineers, bartenders, software engineers, robot techs, mechanical engineers, designers, roboticists, hospitality lovers, writers, burger concierges, and fabricators. And we are uniting our disparate worlds around the specific goal of making the most human-centered dining experience.

That experience includes every sensory detail in the space itself. Air flow designs ensure fresh air, free of soot. The Creator book wall welcomes and inspires. The plants throughout the space remind us that food is nature. We commissioned a mural from a friend of ours because... art, and our affectionate, personal touches will show you that human relationships are irreplaceable. We believe that inspired minds can come together to create an environment which fosters the most social and creative aspects of life, and we still have more work to do to get to a more utopian world of dining. It’s exciting, and since we love doing it, it’s also super fun. Want to join in? Check out what we’re recruiting for here.

More Goodies in the Works

  • A new chef collaboration coming in October.

  • A robotics luminary has joined us! We’ll announced the details soon.

  • Extreme personalization is forthcoming. The power will be yours.