Nice to meet you.


We're part designer, part food revolutionary and part roboticist. We've solved some of the most complex mathematical and engineering challenges to bring the world technology that can touch billions of people. Click here to see what we’re hiring for.

Creators are a motley crew of engineers, culinary scientists, human-centered designers, machinists, and tested fabricators. We've come from institutions like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and some of the best junior colleges in our great nation. We're formerly of places like NASA, Disney Imagineering, the Navy, Chez Panisse, and A's Burgers. One of us got fired from an internship but there was a good reason.

We came together to elevate something so intimate to everyone: food. In order to do that, we created design values for what a dining experience could be, set the bar for what culinary instruments could do, and defined new engineering possibilities. But we're just getting going. That means that we got a chance to make history by building a better future.

It's an exciting time: while tech has made wonderful progress in drones and autonomous cars, an experience more common than driving, eating, sits in a constant state of tensions. That's because it's a big, hard problem to solve. Technology must conform to nature, not the other way around. It's both precise yet subjective; art has to meet science.

And yet, as hard as the challenge is, we are already at our first public deployment. From here it's off to creating billion experiences. If you want to touch the most people, make food.


A place to grow.

If our culture is to pursue the limits of engineering, design, and experience then it must first inspire and support us to constantly grow above what’s comfortable. We trust you we leave it to you, which means we practice radical trust. Because as tough and challenging as our innovation is, we want to say “You got this”. 

We’ve designed our organization to support contribution, impact, and legacy. We aim to achieve two things: 


  1. A culture of psychological safety. We support each other no matter what. Sometimes that means direct heart to heart conversations. Most of the time, it means excitedly sharing what we've learned with each other. Do this and you get a culture that makes it easy to learn from each other which leads to the next point...

  2. Growth. Just growth. To make a contribution in the world it's usually by way of solving really hard problems. And to solve really hard problems, we have to grow and learn! We gotta get stronger, smarter, more resilient. So we built an organization that focuses on just that. An unlimited book budget, access to brilliant mentors, calendar time dedicated to reading… we got to grow to become better contributors.


Unless you're the type who loves to learn, doesn't give up, and can work closely with the support of your close teammates, this might not be the best place to work. But if you want to grow and solve with us, we’d love to see that you 1) want to help those around you, 2) trust your colleagues, and 3) have an internal quest for growth. 


“We can judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good.” 
    - Carl Sagan


The biggest benefit is a place where you can improve your skills so you can make contributions with talented peers. A place where learning and personal growth are encouraged, recognized, and valued, and where it’s easy to get fulfilling work done. But there are a few other benefits too:

  • HMO & PPO Medical plans

  • Dental/Vision

  • 401(k)

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Paid commuter benefits

  • A wellness stipend

  • An unlimited book budget. Buy whatever helps you get to your next level

  • Continuous learning budget for hands-on workshops and training

  • Calendar time blocked just for learning and reading

  • Catered lunches and breakfast, sometimes cooked by locally celebrated chefs

  • We celebrate each other, together, all the time. From sailing trips to Tahoe visits, we hang out too

  • Free Burgers


Our hiring process

We believe in taking big risks and are in love with impossibility. We’re also constantly on the mission to discover and launch undiscovered talent. Our hiring process is designed to attract and discover the world’s best minds in technology, human experience and food. We don’t put restrictions on the talent we hire, whether they’re from accademia, leading companies or that self taught tinkerer, we’ll leave no stone unturned hiring our next generation of creators. In general, we’re going to continue building a harmoniously diverse group. We like you because you are different.

Show us that you

  • Create a positive sum wherever you go

  • Are contribution focused

  • Have a growth mindset, aware of the immense opportunities in front of us.


What to expect

Interviewing with us takes two to three weeks and you’ll get to know us through the following steps.

  1. Click here to Apply

  2. A conversation with a recruiter

  3. A phone interview with a hiring manager

  4. An on-site interview with your future team

Sometimes, interviews involve tests, colloquiums, presentations, hands-on technical problem solving, and brainstorming. We always love hearing about your experiences and the unique knowledge you’d like to bring to our group. And we’re here to answer any questions so please feel comfortable asking.

Finally, we believe in presenting our best offer first because it’s unfair to pay someone more or less just because of their negotiating skills (unless your applying for VP of Negotiations). We’re committed to equitable pay, so we base our compensation on timely market data and your skill level in the interview. Not only do we include your technical level of expertise but also how well you contribute to the interpersonal and emotional fabric here. We’re looking for cultural contributors, not just cultural fits.